Foster Square Master Plan

Foster City, CA
Project Info Credits

The Foster Square 15-acre master plan and design incorporates affordable, market-rate and senior residences to create a vibrant, mixed-use focal point to the heart of Foster City. Situated in proximity to Leo Ryan Park, the library, youth center, lagoon boardwalk, city hall, and the highly-active PJCC athletic complex, Foster Square is designed to knit city-wide events together with a new, pedestrian oriented urban fabric. The plan embraces these community events by providing ample, landscaped setbacks and a central street that connects the boulevard to the heart of the master plan: a 22,000 sf Town Square framed by lively restaurants and community-serving retail.

  Residential components of the master plan include condos oriented to empty nesters, affordable senior housing, and a licensed continuing care facility for the elderly. Landscape design creates a verdant urban environment and provides variety and color at different times of year. Hardscape design like plazas, bollards, and pedestrian paseos are key to promoting pedestrian flow and enhanced sidewalk uses for restaurants and retail tenants.

  The site embodies two significant constraints: a high water table that restricts underground parking, and regional high tension power lines that restrict the buildable area by several acres. To mitigate the water table issue, above-grade parking garages are lined with active uses wherever possible, including retail, residential lobbies, and portions of residential units. The inbuilt area under the power lines is utilized for surface parking that serves the retail and affordable housing.