Broadway Hotel & Residences

Oakland, CA
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Located in the heart of Oakland’s Uptown District and currently under construction, the new Broadway Hotel and Residences will bring a unique hospitality experience to Oakland and transform the Uptown neighborhood. The building spans the block from 24th to 25th Streets on Broadway, and will contrast a contemporary building behind a historic façade preserved from a Beaux Arts structure at the corner of 24th Street. The new contemporary building will hold the hotel guest rooms, and on the 25th Street corner, the residences are distinguished by a modern brick façade which references the historic materials of the auto row neighborhood. The entry lobby, centered on Broadway, is identified by a vertical expression subtly reminiscent of the 1920’s vocabulary of the district and nearby theater marquees found in downtown Oakland.

On Broadway Avenue, hotel guests and residents arrive at the shared lobby on the ground floor, which also includes the lounge, café, bar, restaurant and retail, activating the area both during the day and evening. Other public amenities include co-working business areas, multiple meeting rooms and a rooftop indoor/outdoor bar with a separate entrance on 25th Street.