Boulders Residences

Northstar Lake Tahoe, CA
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The site’s rugged outcroppings of sierra granite, soaring verticality of pine-fir forest and breath-taking views of the Carson Range offer a quintessential Sierra Nevada context for the design of the Boulders residences. The architectural design blends large overhangs and simple roof forms of snow-country tradition with large walls of glass and durable, long-lasting materials to provide contemporary living spaces that highlight the incredible beauty of the region and blur the distinction between inside and out.

Currently in the second and third phases of construction, the 19 homes are designed as compact, multi-story floor plans, minimizing their footprint and allowing them to touch lightly on the land. Each of the four unit types has been individually sited to maximize short and long-range views while also providing high visual privacy for each home. Expansive wall and ceiling surfaces are clad in naturally finished wood, extending unbroken from interior to exterior to draw the eye outside and emphasize the indoor/outdoor connectivity. Steel and concrete express the building’s structure and provide a visual contrast to the wood and glass. Expansive decks and terraces at each floor encourage outside living during all seasons. The building envelope has been has been designed to LEED Gold standards. Radiant floors, passive night-cooling and mechanical heat-recovery units further reduce the energy used during summer and winter months.

Each home will be further tailored with variations in materials and exterior finishes, providing each owner a unique identity while maintaining the overall cohesiveness of the small neighborhood.