48 Tehama

San Francisco, CA
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BAR was commissioned to create a sustainable and visually striking mixed-use project on a 4,000 sf infill site in San Francisco's SOMA district. The design solution efficiently maximizes density and emphasizes shared resources to combine office, hotel and residential uses within a dynamic 19-story tower . The building's exterior design is honestly expressed by its multiple interior uses. The various office, hotel and residential floors are visually noted though the scale and placement of terraces and use of glass. The incorporation of glass and terraces gradually increases from the lower and mid-level office and hotel floors to the highest residential floors which have large terraces for all units. Residences are located on floors 15-19 where the unique exterior elevations are driven by each unit's individual floor plan, each one different from the other; that enables a clear distinction of the residences from the office and hotel floors below. The thorough integration of sustainable and green design is an important aspect of the design. Photovoltaic panels are placed on the south side of the building to generate electricity and a vertical living green screen is located on the southwest facade. Additional sustainable features include a green roof, rooftop solar panels, operable windows for all floors and an HVAC system designed to capture heat generated from office floors for residential use.