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June 17, 2021

BAR has won two Grand Gold Nugget Awards from PCBC!

Shirley Chisholm Village Educator Housing for MidPen Housing was awarded for Best On-the-Boards Affordable Housing Community. With a collaborating project, a Grand Award was also received for Mason on Mariposa, Best Multifamily Housing (60-100 du/ac) where BAR Architects served as the design architect for the Mixed Use Building for Related California. Recognition for overall project includes: Design Architect: David Baker Architects; Design Architect (Mixed-use Building): BAR Architects; Executive Architect: Ankrom Moisan.

Judge's comments stated that Shirley Chisholm Village Educator Housing was an inspiration to all the judges. The goal of providing desirable housing for teachers, in an infill neighborhood, while appealing to the existing neighbors is a challenge in many cities. This project does it with creativity and style, providing beautiful residences, outdoor amenities, community outreach, and the needed density. These ‘Horizontal Apartments’ are charming! Achieving the density of stacked flats, without being dominated by parking, this innovative plan creates a neighborhood that has all the charm of a turn of the century cottage lane. The detached rental units will be desirable to many different demographics, and the exterior style has farmhouse appeal.