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November 15, 2017

BAR-designed Pinnacles on Telo featured in "Surf resorts with five-star élan"

The BAR-designed Pinnacles on Telo, a boutique water sports oriented destination in Indonesia was featured recently in How To Spend It's breakdown of five start surf resorts.

"Pinnacles on Telo, a private resort Thomas has built on the tiny island of Sibolo, aims to shift the paradigm again. If TropicSurf intended to bring some measure of the purists’ surfer experience to conventional luxury travel, Pinnacles reconciles surf tourism with more luxurious standards. 'Maybe you’re not the best surfer in the world, but you want to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone; or you’re hardcore, and you now happen to have a bit of money to throw around, and want to bring your wife and kids,' says Thomas. 'I’m seeing traction from both markets.'"

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