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August 07, 2015

Global Lighting highlights BAR Architects in their first Global Trends Design Dossier

San Francisco, CA – For almost 50 years, San Francisco-based BAR Architects have been creating spaces that are not only breathtakingly gorgeous (Take a gander at the photos in the images for confirmation. Breathtaking, right?), but also resonate at a deeper level, somehow embracing the landscape and the individual at the same time. “That is what we do here at BAR Architects,” they note. “We create places that inspire and that stand the test of time while meeting each of our client’s specific needs in unique ways.”

With domestic and international projects ranging from custom homes and mixed-use complexes to hospitality venues, wineries and universities, BAR’s team approach to design fosters collaboration, creative thinking, and fresh perspectives among all employees—principals to associates to interns. And no matter the design team’s roster at any given time, clients are, without fail, the focus for every project. “Every client relationship is tailor-made, and every solution site-specific,” BAR says. “We begin with personal interaction and exchange—a bit old school, as we pride ourselves in our ability to really listen.”

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