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November 18, 2003

BAR Designs Largest Urban Senior Housing Project in the World

BAR Architects announces they have completed the preliminary design of the largest, urban housing project for seniors in the world.

Commissioned by Half Century Moore, Sun City Towers, located in Kobe, Japan, can most closely be compared to a five-star hotel in terms of amenities, services and design quality. The 42-story and 33-story twin tower project consists of 850,000 gsf, 730 independent living units, a 200-room state-of-the-art nursing care facility, extensive public spaces and a below-grade parking garage for 250 cars. Residents can enjoy amenities such as a spacious lobby, library, tea lounges, a 500-seat performing arts center and four uniquely designed restaurants each oriented to either landscaped gardens or extended views from the 41st and 42nd floors.

Each residential tower is zoned with larger units at the outside corners and at the upper third of each tower. The two towers are identical in plan, but rotated relative to each other on the site, giving the same units in each tower different views. The residential units are designed with resort-style qualities. Master bedrooms adjoin luxurious powder/bath rooms and well-appointed dressing rooms open to living rooms via sliding doors. This feature maximizes the sweeping views, capturing the full market-value of the multiple tower corners.

The variety of public spaces, amenities and activities provide choices for nearly every aspect of daily living. For example, residents will have the choice of two full-service spas. The Akashi Spa at the 33rd floor overlooks the Kobe Bay. The Onsen Spa, on the third floor, looks into a traditional Japanese garden, while the adjoining Pool Pavilion provides residents sweeping views of the Kobe Mountains.

Extensive public and private gardens create a resort environment in a very urban complex. Publicly accessible perimeter gardens allow the design team to achieve a land-use density bonus of 6.5:1. Common spaces span between similarly designed gardens, giving the perception that each space is spanning a single garden.

This project is BAR Architects' eighth project in Japan for this visionary client. BAR Architects has designed similar projects internationally.