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March 03, 2009

BAR Architects Increases Green Business Practices

San Francisco, CA – February 3, 2009 -- San Francisco-based architectural firm, BAR Architects was recently declared a Certified Green Business by the City of San Francisco after three years of applications, inspections, interviews and enhanced regulations.

BAR's day-to-day operations were thoroughly reviewed to assess the firm's internal green business practices including the firm's ongoing efforts energy conservation, pollution reduction and sustainable waste and water use.

In order to be designated as a San Francisco Green Business, a business must be in compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations and implement a minimum number of resource conservation, waste minimization and pollution prevention practices.
Among other initiatives, some of BAR's conservation practices include: providing standard recycling bins as well as those for paper, electronic waste and compost, use of permaware and recycled content paper products including compostable flatware and utensils, eliminating the use of bottled water.

In 2005, BAR renovated their new offices to meet LEED Silver criteria and implemented the in-house conservation steps noted above. As a result, BAR has seen a significant decrease in waste their company generates. BAR estimates its waste production has decreased by approximately 80 percent as a result of recycling and composting. BAR has also implemented an email filing program reducing paper use by an estimated 45 percent.

"BAR has always been committed to sustainable design principles, so it was a natural next step to apply these conservation measures to our practice, office operations and facilities," said Principal Linda Crouse. "Our industry should be at the forefront of the revolution in resource conservation and BAR is committed to doing what we can to align all of our business practices with our core values."